India-China Exports: List of Products India Export to China

India-China Exports 2020: List of Products India Export to China | Euro Exim Bank
India-China Exports 2020: List of Products India Export to China | Euro Exim Bank
List of Products India Export to China | Euro Exim Bank

· India and China have been trading partners for more than 2000 years

o The two Asian countries have depended on each other in order to fulfil the needs of their domestic markets

· Traditionally, India has been importing far more products from China compared to its exports to the country

o However, in recent years, India’s exports to China have also started to grow at a rapid pace

· At present, the two countries are engaged in a tussle along their border, and this has had a negative impact on the trade between them

o Despite this hiccup, it is expected that the two countries will continue to be major trading partners in the future

· This blog analyses the key products that India exports to China

India’s Key Exports to China

· India exports numerous products to China, ranging from raw minerals to finished goods

o The mix of products that are imported to China has altered significantly during the 21st century

· As of 2019, the top product that India exports to China is organic chemicals

o India’s organic chemicals industry has recorded consistent growth over the past few years

o During 2018–19, the country exported organic chemicals worth ₹ 22,760 crores to China alone

o This category of product is also exported to India’s other trading partners such as the US and the UK

· Further, the second-highest exported product is mineral fuel

o India is rich in natural minerals and continues to be a net exporter of these products

o During the year 2018–19, India exported mineral fuels worth ₹ 20,031 crores to China

o Although China also has a vast mineral reserve, it continues to depend on India when it comes to certain products

- For instance, oils obtained from bituminous minerals are exported to China from India

· The third-highest exported product from India to China is cotton. Cotton yarn sourced from India continues to be in high demand in the East Asian nation

o There is a huge demand for apparel and other related products in China. In addition to the domestic demand, the country’s factories also import raw cotton from India and process it for re-export purposes

o During the year 2018–19, India exported cotton and cotton products worth ₹ 12,444 crores to China

· Next on the list is iron and non-iron ores. India has abundant iron resources, and the country’s iron ore is exported to China on a consistent basis

o The primary reason behind this is the fact that China spends a lot of money on developing its infrastructure and real estate

o The Chinese real estate industry sources iron ore from India and utilizes it to develop their cities

o During the year 2018–19, India exported ore products worth ₹ 8,572 crores to China

· The fifth-most exported product is plastic

o Chinese manufacturing industry sources raw plastic from India in order to meet the global demand for their products

o During the year 2018–19, India exported plastic products worth ₹ 7,759 crores to China

· Thus, it is clear that India exports a wide range of products to its Northern neighbour. Although trade between the two countries has been impacted in recent months, this situation is likely to change sooner rather than later


· To conclude, it is clear that the India-China trade continues to evolve. In such a scenario, Indian exporters can often seek help from external sources. Institutions such as Euro Exim Bank offer customized support in the form of financial instruments and bespoke trade advisory services. Euro Exim Bank offers financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit (LCs). Further information about Euro Exim Bank and its key product offerings is available here.

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