Top 5 commodity import and exports of India: Import & Exports India 2020

Top 5 Commodity Imports and Exports of India | Euro Exim Bank
Top 5 Commodity Imports and Exports of India | Euro Exim Bank
Top 5 Commodity Imports and Exports of India | Euro Exim Bank

· India is considered to be a country that is rich in natural resources and minerals

o This is why the country exports numerous minerals and commodities to its trading partners

· The South Asian nation exports a range of commodities to other countries, including both agricultural and non-agricultural products

o Some of these commodities include rice and sugar

· At the same time, the country also imports certain commodities such as gold and palm oil, among others

o The reason behind this is that these commodities have extremely high demand in India’s domestic market

· This blog highlights and discusses India’s top five commodity imports and exports

Top Five Commodity Imports of India

· India imports a wide range of commodities from other countries. This is because of its large population and relatively limited oil reserves

· The country’s topmost commodity import is crude petroleum

o According to estimates, the country imports crude petroleum worth $60.7 billion annually

o Crude petroleum is used in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and automobiles

· India’s second-largest commodity import is gold and related products

o Indians continue to be fascinated by gold. This is because of the fact that the yellow metal is considered to be auspicious

o Gold is an integral part of Indian weddings, thereby driving up the demand for it

o At present, the country imports gold worth $22.9 billion on an annual basis

· The third-largest commodity import in India is diamonds

o The country’s own diamond resources were depleted several years ago. This is the reason why the country depends upon diamond imports

o The country imports diamonds worth $19.0 billion on an annual basis

o Some of these diamonds are consumed in the local market, while others are processed and re-exported

· India’s fourth-largest commodity import is palm oil. This commodity is typically used for cooking purposes

o As of now, the country imports palm oil worth $5.6 billion annually

· The South Asian nation’s fifth-largest commodity import is copper

o Currently, the country imports copper worth $2.46 billion per annum

o Copper is used in several industries such as manufacturing of inverters and electronic components

Top Five Commodity Exports of India

· India also exports several commodities to its trading partners around the world

· India’s number one commodity export is refined petroleum. Indian companies tend to import raw crude oil from other nations and sell it in the international markets after refining it

o As of now, the country exports refined petroleum worth $25.4 billion on an annual basis

· The second-largest commodity export is diamonds. At present, the country holds a market share of more than 18% in the diamond export industry

o Raw diamonds are imported from other countries, and then they are processed

o Currently, the country exports diamonds worth $9.3 billion annually

· India’s third-largest commodity export is rice. India’s agriculture sector is an important part of its economy, and rice is one of its key offerings

o At the moment, the country exports rice worth $5.32 billion on an annual basis

· Another major commodity export for India is aluminium. The country exports aluminium to Asia as well as Europe

o According to estimates, the country exports aluminium worth $1.57 billion annually

· India’s fifth-largest commodity export is raw sugar. States such as Maharashtra are key producers of sugar in the country

o Presently, the country exports raw sugar worth $1.45 billion per annum


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